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Hi, I’m Amanda Jacobs, owner of Salty Seas Designs. Salty Seas, like many businesses, grew out of a simple necessity; I needed websites, e-commerce portals and a social media presence for businesses that I started and, like many start-ups, didn’t have the resources to pay someone. Solution: teach myself, build relationships with talented designers, photographers, videographers and printers to create both an online and real world presence. The feedback from customers was extremely positive and after numerous requests from other business owners to help and guide them through this process, I started Salty Seas Designs.

I am not just a website designer or social media manager; I am a business creator and owner that has a unique perspective on how to create and manage an effective online presence.

However, I cannot take all of the credit; Salty Seas is comprised of a team of small business owners who have expertise in web design, e-commerce, photography, videography, PR and branding.  Our goal is to use our diverse backgrounds to help grow your brand and tell your story in an authentic way.

Meet & Greet:

Let’s face it, teamwork makes the dream work and at Salty Seas Designs, relationships are extremely important to us. We pride ourselves in acting as though your business is our business because in a sense, it is!  We like to first understand the unique needs of each client. This process starts with a simple questionnaire and conversation. Once we understand your needs, we can develop the scope and sequence of your project, put together a cost estimate and submit a proposal to you. If you chose to accept this proposal, you will sign a contract and we will get creating!

Design Time:

Once the contract is signed, the fun begins and we start creating! We’ll take all your input to develop the first draft of your new site, blog, social media, etc. You will review this draft, let us know what you like and what we still need to improve - this process of fine-tuning may go through a few rounds until your project is perfect.

Project Launch:

We are oh so close, but before we go ‘live’, we will test your project to ensure full functionality.  Once we (and you) are thrilled with the look, feel and functionality,  we will launch your site live for all the world to enjoy!

Hello or Goodbye?

Congrats on your new site! At this point, you can choose to keep your site up to date on your own, we can teach you how to do this (we are former teachers, after all) or we can manage your site for you. We can discuss all options to best fit your needs.

4 more client websites are in the works, so check back shortly!

Everyone has a story to be told via the web, social media and print outlets. And each story needs to be tailored to the individual client.  It all starts with a conversation, reach out and let us help you tell your story…

We look forward to hearing from you!

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